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Find out how EzeScan can help your business minimise manual document handling

Capja origins are founded from turning paper-based information to clever digital data, allowing you to scan paper documents into digital documents, but we don’t just stop there OOO-No, we extract key words and phrases to reduce the manual processes usually found in paper-based processes.

We configure Ezescan to do this job. This allows us to Scan/Email/Invoice Capture Applications for PC’s and browsers.

EzeScan solutions extend beyond simply digitising documents and workflows. Converting hard copy documents to soft copy files has its benefits, it reduces paper and saves on physical storage space, but actually doesn’t enable staff to do anything meaningful with the content contained within the paper record.

What EzeScan does is to fully automate the upload of scanned documents with metadata into back-end corporate systems, enabling customisation of data capture, forms data and extraction, mailroom and correspondence automation, for example. It collects data off the scanned page and directly loads it into clients’ line of business applications, eliminating manual processes, increasing data accuracy and improving operational performance.

You can enable this application to deliver hardcopy document and electronic file capture, conversion, processing and routing directly to the desired network location or supported line of business applications.

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If you require not just to Capja, but to automate invoices then we have buckets of experience in the accounts payable process. 

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